How to Apply:

1) Gather Essential Information: You will need to gather all financial information about yourself and the co-applicant including all income, asset and expense information. You will also need information on the Property, including estimated purchase price and down payment amount (if buying) or estimated property value and loan amount (if refinancing). Click Here for our recommended checklist.

2) Complete a Loan Application: Start a secure online loan application.

3) Provide Supporting Documents: Your loan advisor will contact you to review a list of potential documents he/she will need. At this point, important disclosure documents will need to be reviewed and signed. These documents include:

- A Good Faith Estimate: breakdown and estimate of your closing costs
- Truth-In-Lending Disclosure: Shows the terms of the loan, the monthly payment schedule, the annual percentage rate (APR), and the costs associated with making and closing the loan, including your finance charges

After You Apply:

1) Financial and Property Review: Your Onyx advisor will submit your application to the select lender for review. A loan underwriter will verify your employment, income and financial information. We will also work with the lender to:

  • Order an appraisal so a professional can determine the appraised value of the property
    • If you are purchasing, the appraised value is expected to match or exceed the home’s purchase price
    • If you are refinancing, the appraised value helps to determine your maximum loan amount
  • Get title insurance, flood certification, and other services as necessary
  • Meet a list of conditions that have to be met before you can prepare to close your loan

2) Prepare to Close: Once your application is approved, we’ll work with you and your closing agent (escrow) to complete the following steps:

  • Confirm or set a closing date to sign your loan documents
  • Review the title insurance to make sure you have clear title to the property
  • Review your homeowners insurance policy to make sure you have adequate coverage

3) Congratulation you are Closing! We will work to make sure closing documents are sent to your closing agent. Once all documents are signed, the lender will fund.